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Simple ventilator saves lives

Especially in the western world, the corona virus is spreading fiercely. However, the biggest blow will occur in the Southern Hemisphere. Countries are preparing for the arrival of COVID-19. One of the means that can save lives is the VentilatorPAL.

There is no cunning plan to fight the massacre that COVID-19 promises to cause in Africa. The western world still manages to curb the virus to some extent with measures such as frequent washing of hands and especially with social distancing.

In areas with a scarcity of soap and water, washing hands is not obvious. And social contact is literally vital. One who has to take to the streets every day to earn a living will starve if he has to stay at home.

The disaster cannot be prevented. But still, there are lives to be saved. To be prepared for the virus, Africa needs medical devices such as respirators. A well-functioning and affordable device is the VentilatorPAL. Check out This instrument is inexpensive and easy to use.

Doctors can control the VentilatorPAL with a smartphone app. The device is not suitable for intensive care, because it has no complicated technology and cannot not measure pulmonary pressures. It’s only for pre-IC use.

But many lives can be saved at this stage, also in the most remote areas. In every hospital with a bellows above the bed. The battery is rechargeable with solar panels. The VentilatorPAL is shipped in parts and is easy to assemble.

No, this is not a journalistic story as you would expect from me. But unusual times need unusual measures. So I approach all my contacts in Africa to ask them to bring this device to the attention of all their contacts in the medical branche.

Take action

The manufacturer is in my hometown. The company does not not want to make money from the crisis, but is willing to supply this life-saving equipment as widely and as cheap as possible.

Also you can take action. Do you have contacts in Africa, do you know someone who may have entrances in the medical world in Africa, or in other countries where they can use this equipment? Please let me know via or 06-48255578.

Spread the message and stay healthy!


Marc van der Sterren

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