Marc van der Sterren

No farmers, no food… no hunger!

‘No farmers no food!’ As true as can be. But with their surpluses farmers also cause environmental problems and disturb markets, which causes that local farmers in developping markets can’t compete. So you can say as well: ‘No farmers, no hunger!’

‘Milk is a Human Right’

The fulani are the most important dairy producers of Nigeria

‘Children are dying of malnutrition in this country.’ It’s the managing director of the biggest dairy company of Nigeria who raises the alarm. Entering the … Lees verder >

Giant of Africa investeert in kleinschalige landbouw

De gemakkelijke instroom van oliedollars maakte dat Nigeria de landbouw liet versloffen. Nu de olieprijzen het land in crisis hebben gebracht, is de hoop gevestigd op de kleinschalige boer.